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Valuation Challenges Advisors Face

When it comes to valuation, advisors have a difficult time:

Problems advisors face when valuing their companies

When Advisors Need Valuations

Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, Succession Planning, Continuity Planning, Equity Sharing, Financing

Valuation Methods Available

RIA Valuations'™ expertise in valuation encompasses the various methodologies below.  We utilize and customize the method based on the demands and requirements of each assignment.

How to value an RIA

Why We Developed Our Needs-Based Service Packages

Advisors need valuations for a wide range of strategic initiatives and objectives. Please see some of the prominent examples of these scenarios below.

Many valuation firms fail to consider the context surrounding a valuation. RIA Valuations™ understands that valuations are frequently conducted in the context of a broader challenge that the firm faces. Accordingly, RIA Valuations™ has developed a set of 11 needs-based service packages. These packages highlight the services that RIA Valuations™ offers clients based on their specific needs. While not every valuation engagement will utilize all of these services, these packages contain the elements that RIA Valuations™ clients most frequently find useful. 

Selling, Buying, Financing, Merging, Valuation, Wealth, Investment, Management