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Value-add resources for wealth & investment managers to help them better understand the subject of valuation.

Research Reports

RIA Valuations™ strives to be the leader in valuation intelligence and intellectual property in the wealth and investment management industries. With our comprehensive research reports, we hope to debunk misconceptions surrounding valuation and increase the knowledge of the investment management community. A summary of the topics covered in our research reports is outlined below. With this research, we hope to help RIAs better understand valuation methods and their associated drivers.

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Tools & Technologies

RIA Valuations™ offers an expansive range of tools and technologies for its clients to leverage. These tools include the following:

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Explore our Calculators

While there has been a wide proliferation of information and guidance available to firms seeking a valuation, it is often difficult for firms to understand the quality of this information and how to apply it to their situation. To address this informational inefficiency, RIA Valuations™ has developed a set of online calculators that help advisors better understand their specific situation. While these calculators are not a replacement for valuation and consulting services, they address many of the unique situations faced by advisors and provide a good starting point for advisors seeking to better understand their most pressing questions.

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Our Case Studies

RIA Valuations™ has accumulated an expansive library of case studies pertaining to valuation in the wealth & investment management industries. These real-life scenarios showcase the practical functions of valuation of which you should be aware. Please contact us to request these case studies.