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1.Mutual Fund Managers

2.Separate Account Manager

3.Insurance Companies

4.Private Bank & Trust Companies

5.Private Equity Managers

6.Variable Annuity Managers

7.ETF Managers

8.Index Fund Managers

9.Venture Capital Firms

10.Hedge Fund Managers

11.REIT Managers

1.Financial Technology Providers

2.Retirement Plan Administrators

3.Financial Information Providers

4.Mutual Fund Administrators

5.Custodians & Clearing Firms

6.Transfer Agencies

7.Traders & Makers

8.Benefit Consultants

9.Pension Consultants


11.Wealth Mgmt. Tech. Providers

1.Private Banks & Trusts

2.HNW Boutiques

3.Family Offices & MFOs

4.Broker Dealers-National

5.Broker Dealers-Independent

6.Financial Planning Firms


8.Registered Investment Advisors

9.Accounting Firms

10.Credit Unions & S&Ls

11.Insurance Brokers





Your Valuation Challenges

  • You may need to reconcile valuation differences between transactions involving internal and external parties.

  • You need to value a firm with fee-based and/or commission-based revenue.

  • You need to value a firm that does business as one or more of the following: a wealth manager, an investment manager, a broker dealer, a trust company, an accounting firm, an insurance firm, and/or a technology provider.

  • Firms with alternative compensation paradigms.

  • Firms with variable growth or low profits.

  • You need to overcome an industry valuation paradigm that is deeply rooted in folklore as opposed to the theory of finance.

  • You need a valuation that takes into account your firm’s scale, technology, operations, and business model.

  • You may need to estimate synergy value and allocate that to stakeholders in a transaction.

  • You need to develop a valuation methodology for your legal documents that will stand the test of time.

  • In the event of a transaction, you may need to know how deal structure and valuation interact.

  • You need to know how control and liquidity impact valuation and if/when premiums or discounts should be applied.

  • You need to understand the drivers of value and how your firms is doing with each.

  • Scorecard Results – receive an accurate indication of where your firm stands relative to the industry; scoring compiled on 70 factors that drive firm valuation

  • Financial Model – snapshot of your firm’s financials as well as projection of your firm’s future state

  • Executive Memo – obtain two-page letter addressing key points related to your firm’s valuation

  • Detailed Report – Scorecard results are interpreted, analyzed, and outlined in this multi-page report; analysis includes your firm’s key performance metrics as well as projections on how your firm can maximize its value in certain areas

  • Report Delivery Consultation – scorecard results delivered by valuation expert

  • Recommendations and Guidance – options on how to improve included as part of the report delivery consultation

Our Valuation Process

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Scorecard Results                                              X                                                           X                                                           X

Financial Model                                                   X                                                           X                                                           X

Executive Memo                                                  X                                                           X                                                           X

Report Delivery Consultation                             X                                                           X                                                           X

Monthly Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                       X

Detailed Report                                                    X                                                                                                                       X

Recommendations/Guidance                             X                                                                                                                       X

Educational Services                                           X                                                                                                                       X

Good For:

  • New Partner Hire                                          X                                                         X                                                            X

  • Sharing Equity                                               X                                                         X                                                            X

  • Strategic Planning                                        X                                                          X                                                           X

  • Continuity Planning                                       X                                                         X                                                            X

  • Mergers/Acquisitions                                                                                                                                                             X

  • Strategy Implementation                              X                                                                                                                       X

  • Succession Planning                                     X                                                                                                                       X

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Our Valuation Plans


Quick Delivery



Enter data into valuation analyzer = estimated 1 hour to fill out (can be accomplished online, and based on state of firm’s data)

Draft Executive Memo = estimated 2 days

Deliver Final Memo and Provide Necessary Commentary = 1 to 2 hours

Develop Recommendations and Guidance

Process data = estimated 2 to 5 days


Develop Letter = 2 days


  1. RIA Valuations Scorecard

  2. Precedent Transactions

  3. Private/Public Comparables

  4. Discounted Cash Flow

  5. Adjusted Present Value (APV)

  6. Multiple of Discretionary Earnings

  7. Capitalization of Earnings

  8. Asset Accumulation

  9. Capitalized Excess Earnings

  10. Book Value

  11. Economic Value Added

  12. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

  13. Net Present Value (NPV)

  14. Breakup Value

  15. Dilution/Accretion Analysis







Valuation is perfected by having a high quality database of intelligence on the relevant firms, and the practical experience to know which of the 15 different valuation techniques are most appropriate for a given company or situation. Fine tuning of the valuation to match a specific company’s profile in the market includes a host of factors such as growth rates, scale, profitability, life cycle, brand equity, and competitive positioning.  Accordingly, non-customized valuation reports should be viewed as an initial sense of valuation and a starting point for the rigorous analysis that is essential to a company-specific valuation. Below is a chart outlining the four approaches and 15 valuation methods that RIA Valuations may employ depending upon the profile of the engagement.

Our Valuation Methods

Our Services

Many valuation firms refuse to consider the context surrounding a valuation. RIA Valuations understands that frequently valuations are conducted in the context of a broader challenge that the firm faces. Accordingly, RIA Valuations has developed a set of eleven needs based service packages. These packages highlight the services that RIA Valuations offers clients based on their specific needs. While not every valuation engagement will utilize all of these services, these packages contain the elements which RIA Valuations’ clients most frequently find useful.